Dog-Friendly Hotel in Hollywood, CA

Make your trip to Hollywood even more special by bringing your furry friend along. When you stay at our pet-friendly hotel in Hollywood, CA, you'll both get everything the Hollywood Hotel has to offer. We're conveniently located near lots of dog parks as well as pet-friendly restaurants like the 33 Taps Silver Lake, Off Vine, The Waffle, and many more. Treat your dog to a weekend full of tourist attractions, playtime in the park, and nights in a luxurious hotel room. Our daily pet cleaning fee is $50 plus tax.

When you take a trip, you're not the only one who gets to see new sights. Your dog gets to check out parks, restaurants, streets, and tourist spots that they've never seen before. Make the most of it by checking out our blog to find the best dog-friendly tourist areas. Many restaurants in the area have outdoor patios where you can enjoy a meal or craft beer with your pooch. We also have plenty of pet-friendly areas where you can relax, spend time with your pet, and plan for the day ahead. Call ahead and ask us about the fun you can have with your pooch at our dog-friendly hotel in Hollywood, CA.

New to the area? Call ahead to learn about the accommodations at our dog-friendly hotel in Los Angeles. We're happy to answer questions about breeds, crates, restrictions, and everything else that you need to know before you book a room. At the Hollywood Hotel, we don't just allow pets--we actively encourage it with our Pamper Your Pet package. Let us know what we can do to make your stay more comfortable when you book a room at the most dog-friendly hotel in Hollywood, CA.

Dog sleeping at a pet friendly hotel in Hollywood CA


Hollywood Hotel has always been pet-friendly, but now your furry friends can enjoy special amenities as part of our Pamper Your Pet package. For an additional $69 fee per pet/per night, you'll receive a few exclusive extras for your pet to use and enjoy during their stay. Book this package to receive:

  • Soft Pet Bed
  • Plush Toy
  • Water
  • Food Bowls
  • Dog Treats
  • Pet Waste Bags


Here are some tips
  • Call ahead to make sure that the hotel allows pets. If they do, ask about their fees.
  • Ask if there are any weight restrictions. Some hotels don't allow large dogs, although they might make an exception in some situations.
  • Ask about the local pet-friendly amenities because you'll still need to take your dog out to eat, play, and pee-pee.
  • Is there a limit on the number of pets that you can bring?
  • Ask if you can leave your pets alone in your room. If not, you might have to put them in a crate while you're away.
  • Do they have a specific number of pet-friendly rooms? If so, you'll need to book ahead of time.
  • Which areas are off-limits for pets? Make sure you ask before you bring your dog to the restaurant or pool.
  • Check to make sure the hotel allows your breed. Some hotels don't accept certain breeds even if they meet the weight requirements.
dog-friendly hotel in Hollywood CA


Dog sitting on a restaurant chair

Restaurants Nearby


Traveling is an adventure for you and your pooch. Visit the local dog parks so your dog can run, play, and sniff new friends.

Check out our


Check out our blog and get the most out of your stay at the best pet-friendly hotel in Hollywood, CA. We've got tips, activities, things to do, and tourist locations that you can visit with your dog. Plus, you can learn more about Hollywood and the history behind this world-famous district.

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