5 of the Best Dog Parks Near Hollywood, CA

May 13, 2022
Dog Parks Near Hollywood, CA - Dog laying in the grass

Hollywood is a dog-friendly area, and it has plenty of dog parks to prove it. You can hike dog-friendly trails, take a picture with your dog in front of the famous Hollywood sign, or go off-leash at a dog park.

Experience the Great Outdoors with Your Dog

Hollywood is a great location to get out and exercise with your dog. Your dog brings endless love, affection, and fun into your life. Taking your dog to explore Hollywood is a great way to share a fun experience together. Whether your dog wants to let off steam, get some exercise, meet new friends, or go hiking, Hollywood has an option for you.

Silverlake Dog Park

Dogs at Silverlake Dog Park

Silverlake Dog Park is a popular dog park. Here, dogs can run free, play with each other, and make new friends. Silverlake Dog Park features several benches for human companions. There are also shaded areas and water fountains.

There are three gates to enter the dog park to provide extra security against dogs getting free and running off. Silverlake Dog Park has two separate areas for larger and smaller dogs.

Lake Hollywood Park

Lake Hollywood Park is a great place to include your dog in pictures of the famous Hollywood sign. You'll get a great view of the Hollywood sign and panoramic views of L.A.

Lake Hollywood Park has a large grassy area where pets can play frisbee and enjoy walking with their humans. However, it's not an off-leash dog park, and the area isn't fenced. Visitors can also rest at the park's picnic tables or enjoy the playground. The park also has water fountains for both humans and dogs.

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West Hollywood Park & Dog Park

Dogs at West Hollywood Park & Dog Park

West Hollywood Park & Dog Park features a beautiful dog park. The dog park has artificial grass, so it's always green and clean. There are separate areas for large and small dogs and plenty of shade. The large dog park has a 7000 square foot play area, and the park for small dogs has 4000 square feet. In addition, the dog park has benches for humans and water fountains for people and dogs.

West Hollywood Dog Park is known as one of the best dog parks near Hollywood CA.

Carlton Way Park

Carlton Way Park is a pocket park that provides a green space in the middle of the city. Carlton Way Park has exercise equipment and fitness areas so you can get a good workout in.

Carlton Way Park is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while taking a break from the city. Your dog will likely meet other dogs and friendly residents while checking out the park. Carlton Way doesn't have a separate fenced-in area for dogs, and your pets should remain on a leash.

Runyon Canyon Park

Woman hiking Runyon Canyon Park

Runyon Canyon Park is a large park with three different entrances. Runyon Canyon Park is a wonderful park for hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains and has great views of L.A. and Hollywood.

Runyon Canyon Park has several hiking trail options with different difficulty levels. The park has some areas where dogs must remain on leash and some areas where your dog is allowed to be off-leash. This is one of the best dog parks near Hollywood CA that features longer trails and hiking opportunities. The trails can get hot, so bring water for yourself and your furry companion.

Explore Hollywood CA

Hollywood CA has endless adventures for you and your dog. Check out our hotel with secure parking and experience everything Hollywood offers.