Behind-the-Scenes: Universal Studios VIP

May 10, 2024
Behind-the-Scenes: Universal Studios VIP

The Universal Studios Hollywood VIP Experience is the ultimate adventure for film and television buffs. In terms of being iconic, it ranks right up there with Paramount Studios on Melrose Avenue. If you're coming to Los Angeles for a vacation, this is your chance to peek behind the curtain to see where the magic is made while enjoying reality-bending rides. Here's everything you need to know to plan your time "on the lot" at Universal Studios!

What's Included in a VIP Pass at Universal Studios?

VIP Experience Studio Tour bus

The Universal Studios Hollywood VIP Experience gives you a true A-list experience from start to finish. It mixes portions of Universal open to everyone and offers exclusive access for VIP guests. Here's a look at how the experience breaks down:

  1. 1. Studio Tour: The world-famous Universal Studio tour is the highlight of this experience. As a VIP guest, you'll hop on the VIP trolley to cruise through movie sets used in many popular films and television shows. You'll even have opportunities to walk through sets. You never quite know when a recognizable star will pass through while rehearsing their lines.
  1. 2. Unlimited Express Pass: Your VIP credential unlocks unlimited Universal Express access at all participating rides, including Mario Kart™: Bowser's Challenge. The big perk is that your ride access is good for the full day!
  1. 3. Exclusive Dining Options: Your VIP credential also gets you seated at exclusive dining experiences.
  1. 4. Complimentary Valet and VIP Lounge: VIP guests enjoy free valet parking upon arrival. They can also pop into Universal's exclusive VIP lounge to enjoy a comfortable, air-conditioned space with complimentary bagels and coffee while waiting for the big day to begin.

Amazing Guides

Studio Tour guide

Suppose you're ready to dig into all the details of how shows and movies are filmed on the Universal lot. In that case, you will appreciate Universal's effort in selecting and training passionate, talented tour guides. Universal's VIP tour guides undergo extensive training to provide compelling details about the history of the studio and park, insider stories about the industry, and how to make the most of your VIP status during your day at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Some Essentials to Know When Planning Your Universal VIP Experience

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There are several tips to make the most of your unforgettable day! VIP tour start times and availability vary based on the day and season. Tours run for a minimum of five hours. Spend time looking at ticket options ahead of time to make sure a tour can fit into your visit. VIP tour experiences should be booked ahead of time. If you want to immerse yourself in the experience, a VIP Private Experience is an option.

Don't Skip a Universal Studios Tour

The fun and allure of Hollywood never gets old. That's why you may plan your next Universal Studios Hollywood VIP Experience before the first one is over. Luckily, visitors can get rewarded every time they book directly when they sign up for the popular Hollywood Hotel loyalty program.