Here’s Where to Watch the Sunset in Hollywood

September 24, 2021
Sunsets in Hollywood - Sunset and palms

It's a California tradition--watching the sunset over the calm Pacific waters. But are you wondering where to watch the sunset in Hollywood? Here's a look at seven great options that are easy to get to from your hotel in Hollywood.

Top 7 Types of Spot to See the Sunset from Hollywood‍

It's getting late in the day, and you're wondering where to watch the sunset in Hollywood. Whether you're looking for splendid selfies or a poetic experience, here are seven great types of places to go and excellent ways to frame the setting sun. Pick the sort of experience you'd like and get going!

1. Head to The Beach‍

Sunset at the beach

One of the best ways to see the setting sun is to watch it set over the majestic Pacific Ocean. The beaches of SoCal are perfect for this, so anywhere you can get to the beach will provide a great view. You might even get a glimpse of the elusive green flash!

Some of the most picturesque places to get a glimpse of sunset are at the local state parks. Check out El Matador State Park for dramatic photos. Or, for a quick and easy path to the beach, head down Wilshire Boulevard to Palisades Park in Santa Monica.

2. Take a Peek From the Piers‍

Need one step above the boring beach? How about one of LA's iconic piers? Head to Santa Monica, Hermosa, or Manhatten Beach's piers for a particular extra view of our home star descending below the horizon.

3. Hike Up the Hills‍

Ascot Hills

So maybe you spent all day at the beach, and you're looking for terra firma. Another way to get a great view of the sunset is to hike up into the hills. The local spots that look west will do, but the best places have good cityscapes below. Nothing beats the sunlight glistening off of the skyscrapers downtown! Check out the Ascot Hills, Hollywood Hills, or the Baldwin Hills Overlook.

4. Hang Out Up High‍

Ok, so maybe you're looking for trendier options to enjoy the sunset and a drink--or perhaps even dinner. There are a few rooftop lounges and restaurants in the area. Just be sure to make arrangements in advance. Of course, sunset is their most popular time of day. If you're down in Venice, check out the Hotel Erwin's Rooftop Lounge. Another great option is Merois, Wolfgang Puck's new restaurant at Pendry West Hollywood.

The dramatic California coastline also provides a great way to get an elevated view of nature's sunset festivities. For example, check out the bluffs at Point Dume State Park or Canyon Park.

5. Visit Iconic Landmarks‍

Griffith Park Observatory

Several of the area's most well-known landmarks make great spots to view the sunset from—for example, head to the iconic Getty art museum. Up in the Hollywood Hills, the Griffith Park Observatory is a great place to get sunset views over the Hollywood sign and downtown.

If you feel like a little bit of a drive, head down to the Palos Verdes peninsula. The cliffs over the Point Vincente Lighthouse in Rancho Palos Verdes are an excellent spot to view. There's also the Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro.

6. On the Road‍

If you're up for a road trip, there are a few great ones in the area. Best of all, these strips of pavement provide panoramic views of the ocean and setting golden orb. Of course, the Pacific Coast Highway is the best known of them all. No, you don't have to drive its entire length. Just head out and do the few miles between Santa Monica and Santa Barbara, and you'll be hooked, though.

Mulholland Drive is another iconic drive a little closer to our home base. And you can't beat the industry around Palos Verdes.

7. Stay Right in Town‍

Of course, there's no reason to head out of town. There are plenty of spots in the city that provide beautiful backdrops for sunset photos and a quiet respite from the crazy city. Check out the Universal City overlook, or head to Elysian Park or Echo Park Lake.

Celebrate Sundown Hollywood Style‍

Watching the sunset and celebrating the day is a normal part of the beautiful California experience. If you're looking for discount hotel rates in Hollywood, book directly on our website and save at the Hollywood Hotel!