Enjoy the Best Ramen Near Hollywood, CA

May 27, 2022
Best Ramen Near Hollywood, CA - Ramen Bowl

Ramen is a delicious and filling soup that can be many in a variety of delicious ways. In addition, ramen is a simple and creative meal that showcases the international culture and local flair.

Origins of Ramen

Tonkotsu Ramen Bowl

Ramen was first created when immigrants introduced Chinese noodles to Japan. Ramen combines noodles, soup stock, hearty additions, oil, and sauce.

Japan started signing trade agreements in 1858, and Chinese culture and cuisine were introduced to Japan. Japan's first Chinese restaurant opened in 1870, and the first ramen shop opened in Tokyo in 1910. A 1923 earthquake damaged Tokyo's infrastructure, but ramen carts were easy and cheap to set up, and ramen became even more popular. Today, ramen is internationally known as a tasty dish with unlimited options.

Top Ramen Near Hollywood CA

Hollywood CA is known for its international culture and world-class cuisine. Immerse yourself in both with a bowl of top ramen near Hollywood CA.

Saikai Ramen Bar

Sakai Ramen Bowl

Saikai Ramen Bar features a mix of Japanese and Korean cuisine prepared with fresh California ingredients. Chef Jimin Kim hails from Seoul, Korea, and adds Korean culture and cuisine to Japanese ramen.

Saikai Ramen Bar features a full menu. Guests can start with small plates such as Spicy Cucumber Sunomono, Gyoza, LA Corn Fritters, or Truffle Lotus Chips. Pair your meal with a refreshing beer or sake selection.

Guests can enjoy either ramen or bento boxes as entrees. The Shoyu Tonkotsu features pork bone broth that has simmered for 24 hours. The Gyukotsu dish's beef bone marrow broth simmers for 36 hours and is combined with short ribs, green onion, shitake, and mirepoix oil for an unforgettable meal.

End your delightful meal with a soft mochi ice cream treat. Saikai Ramen Bar offers dine-in, take-out, and delivery options.

Susuru Ramen Bar

Susuru Ramen Bar offers a full menu including appetizers, ramen, rice bowls, sandwiches, and sushi. Visitors can mix and match to create a perfect meal. Guests can start with Takoyaki, Chicken Karaage, or Shrimp Tempura.

Ramen dishes feature savory and juicy broths. Try the Tonkotsu, Mayu, or Miso ramen dishes. Susuru Ramen Bar also serves popular rice bowls such as Katsudon or Chashu. The restaurant also serves a variety of sushi items, including Spicy Tuna Roll, California Roll, and Unagi Roll. Pair your meal with a delicious milk tea for an authentic experience.

Susuru Ramen Bar is clean and cozy with gorgeous decorations. The restaurant offers dine-in, take-out, and delivery.

JINYA Ramen Express

JINYA Ramen Express Ramen Bowl

JINYA Ramen Express serves six signature broths. Each broth simmers for over 20 hours to create a thick broth full of flavor. JINYA focuses on serving delicious food at attractive prices.

Ramen dishes feature signature births and hand-crafted noodles. Choose authentic ingredients such as pork chashu, poached egg, and fresh garlic.

JINYA Ramen Express offers several vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. JINYA also serves kids' meals, small plates, salads, rice bowls, curry, and desserts.

Guests can enjoy their meals on the balcony or choose from take-out and delivery options.

Explore Hollywood’s Cuisine and Culture

Hollywood, California, is home to diverse cultures and international cuisine. For even more fun, why not explore Hollywood, CA with e-scooters and check out some trendy places to eat.