Top Ramen Spots in Hollywood

July 28, 2023
Top Ramen Stops in Hollywood - Ramen bowl

Are you looking for the best ramen in Hollywood? With Los Angeles being a premier ramen spot, you're in luck! When you have noodles on the brain, you can look forward to dining at upscale ramen houses operated by world-class chefs with the skills and passion needed to create unforgettable flavors, textures, and aromas. Where's the best place to get ramen in Hollywood? This list of top ramen spots guides the way to some unforgettable meals!

JINYA Ramen Express

JINYA Ramen Express

In addition to offering incredible ambiance, this noodle bar offers some of the richest flavors on the West Coast! What makes noodles from JINYA stand out from the crowd is the fact that they are simmered for more than 24 hours! The chefs here simmer their noodles in six signature broths that are flavored to perfection. The end result is a ramen that is thick, flavorful, and unforgettable. For those looking for vegan ramen options in Los Angeles, JINYA is a top pick!

Totoyama Sushi & Ramen

Tonkotsu Ramen at Totoyama Sushi & Ramen

Chef Yukinari Yamamoto brings authentic Japanese dining to the table with this highly rated restaurant. The big draw of this ramen house is its aburi-style sushi and ramen. "Aburi" means "flame-seared" cuisine. When done properly, the process of applying a flame to food enhances flavor and texture to create a truly escalated sensory experience. The most surprising part about this high-end restaurant is that you'll find tons of affordable dishes to satisfy your cravings for ramen, sushi, appetizers, and more!


Everything is made by hand at this famed ramen house! In addition to being known for serving the best ramen in Hollywood, Shine is also known for its incredible sake pairings. You can also pair your ramen dish with appetizers, salads, rice dishes, curry, sushi, and so much more!

Tatsu Ramen

Tatsu Ramen

Tatsu Ramen is known for serving up very decadent ramen dishes filled with rich, flavorful ingredients. All of the signature dishes here combine thin noodles with broths, vegetables, proteins, and the perfect combination of spices! While many of the other best ramen spots in Hollywood offer ramen as part of a larger menu, ramen is the primary focus at Tatsu.

Kino Sushi & Ramen

Kino Sushi & Ramen is famous for offering delicious and authentic ramen close to everything the city has to offer! Prepare to become obsessed with the rich, ultra-creamy tonkotsu broth coming out of the kitchen here. The secret to the flavor at Kino is that every dish starts with high-quality pork bones that are left to simmer for the perfect amount of time.

Plan Your Dining Experiences in Hollywood

Everyone knows that eating is the best part of any vacation! While there's nothing better than grabbing authentic ramen in Los Angeles, you should also consider adding some famous LA restaurants to your dining itinerary. Don't get caught roaming around for ramen without a way to get back to your hotel easily! The trick for being able to get to all of the best restaurants easily is to book a room with a simple and affordable hotel parking fee.