Hollywood's Melrose Avenue Shopping & Dining

November 24, 2023
Melrose Avenue Shopping & Dining

Shopping on Melrose Avenue is a classic Hollywood experience! Most people associate Melrose with the Fred Segal department store that was a magnet for celebrity shoppers during its run from 1965 to 2017. If you're coming to the Los Angeles area, there's nothing like spending time browsing shops and specialty stores that countless high-profile celebrities have dipped into over the years. This iconic street is a living piece of Hollywood history. Shoppers will find everything from artsy shops selling unique collectibles to high-end boutiques offering designer brands. Melrose also has incredible restaurants. Are you ready to hit the sidewalk on Melrose for a day of shopping and sightseeing? This Melrose Avenue Hollywood shopping and dining guide covers all the must-see spots!

Finding Your Way to Melrose Avenue

Paul Smith's Pink building

Famous Melrose Avenue actually stretches six miles as it traverses through Silver Lake and West Hollywood. Its beginning and end points are between Lucille Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard. Most people who come to shop and dine focus on the fancy stretch of Melrose that runs from Highland to Fairfax.

Top Shops to Visit on Melrose Avenue

Melrose has gone through quite a makeover in recent years. Unfortunately, Fred Segal, Kitson, and Betsy Johnson are no longer in business. However, there are still plenty of gems to find. Vivienne Westwood Los Angeles on Melrose is currently one of the big draws in the neighborhood. Paul Smith, Rag & Bone, Chloe and Mary Kate, and Ashley Olson's The Row are the trendy favorites of shoppers looking for high-end fashions. If you're looking for a curated, vintage style, Decades has become Melrose Avenue's go-to spot for vintage couture and designer treasures. For those shopping for furnishings for the home, Jonathan Adler is a place to shop when you want to take home the same looks that many celebrities are putting in their own homes.

Best Places to Eat on Melrose Avenue

Coffee at Alfred Coffe

Melrose Avenue Hollywood has always been famous for its high-end restaurants and trendy bakeries. While Morton's Steakhouse is no longer in the neighborhood, there's a new generation of eateries being discovered by Hollywood stars, Instagram reviewers, and everyday customers here on Melrose. The best place to get caffeinated for a Melrose shopping trip is Alfred Coffee. In addition to serving coffee and fresh juice, this spot also has salads, sandwiches, pastries, and more.

When you're ready for a full sit-down meal, check out Rosaliné by Ricardo Zarate to enjoy authentic Peruvian cuisine. The list of other tried-and-true Melrose restaurants includes Olivetta, Carlitos Gardel, and Crossroads Kitchen. If you love the thrill of dining at a restaurant where paparazzi cameras are always lined up waiting to catch celebrities on their way to dinner, nothing tops Craig's! After dinner, consider heading to one of the best bars in Hollywood for a drink.

Start Planning Your Hollywood Vacation

There's no doubt that Melrose Avenue Hollywood deserves a spot on every Los Angeles itinerary! However, there's so much more to see in La-La Land. That's why picking a hotel in a great location is so important. If you're getting ready to book your stay, this list of hotel specials Hollywood visitors can use to save is essential reading!