Magical Delights at Black Rabbit Rose

August 11, 2023
Magic at Black Rabbit Rose - Hands with an ace card

Black Rabbit Rose Magic is a premier Los Angeles experience! This mystical, alluring theatre and lounge gives new meaning to the idea of Hollywood magic! If you're planning a trip to the area, you'll definitely want to conjure yourself up some tickets to see a show. Keep reading to learn what you can expect when you add this attraction to your itinerary.

What Is Black Rabbit Rose Magic?

Black Rabbit Rose Magic Show

This venue showcases the signature allure and spectacle of the magical, fantastical Houston Brothers! What makes Black Rabbit especially fun for people who like a spot where the fun can continue late into the night is that this is both a theatre and a lounge. That means that you can enjoy a show, drinks, and dinner. Booking reservations ahead of time will allow you to coordinate your showtime in the theatre with your meal reservation in the lounge.

The Black Rabbit Lounge serves food and cocktails daily from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. In addition to serving up magic, the Rose Theatre also hosts late-night music experiences with times that vary based on which acts are getting up on stage. Patrons are encouraged to book their VIP tables ahead of time for these music experiences. Something magical is in the air from the moment you first step into this secretive, one-of-a-kind venue. You definitely feel like you're in on a very important secret once you're ushered in through the door. The antique stage in the theatre is framed by a classic red-velvet curtain with gold fringe. Chandeliers hang like Victorian-style clusters of cave icicles over tables where patrons sip from long-stem glasses by the light of a single votive candle. Meanwhile, bartenders pour libations from decanters shaped like glass skulls.

Bar at The Black Rabbit Rose

While BRRM is highly stylized, the skilled bartenders and chefs don't rely on the décor to set the tone. The food and cocktails are sensational! In fact, Mark and Jonnie Houston have opened and operated many successful restaurants and bars around Los Angeles.

Let's talk about the logistics of being entertained and delighted here! Black Rabbit Rose Magic is located at 1719 North Hudson Avenue in Hollywood, California! The first thing to know is that BRRM is for patrons ages 21 and older. Ticketed shows run on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Each show lasts for approximately 55 minutes. Patrons are expected to "dress to impress" to honor the classy, sophisticated vibe of the venue.

Planning a Trip Full of Hollywood Magic

Outside building - Black Rabbit Rose

Are you ready to delight in the showmanship at Black Rabbit? While there's plenty of magic to be found in Hollywood, the truth is that a perfect itinerary won't materialize out of thin air. Planning a great vacation requires some research and forethought. That's why Hollywood-bound visitors shouldn't hesitate when it comes to picking out amusement parks, museums, and other attractions to visit while making the rounds in Los Angeles. One way to bring a special kind of Hollywood magic to your trip is to consider staying at Universal Studios Hollywood hotels.