Our Picks For The Best Hollywood Travel Apps

January 28, 2022
Best Hollywood Travel Apps - Tourist with a phone

Mobile Apps can do it all, from turning on your lights to playing the best music and providing entertainment. Mobile apps can also make traveling to Hollywood a breeze.

Best Hollywood Travel Apps

The best travel apps make traveling a little easier and more joyous. So whether you need help organizing your itinerary, packing the right items, taking spectacular travel photos, or checking airport delays, there's an app for that!


TripIt app

TripIt allows you to make a travel itinerary easily. You can forward your trip confirmation emails to the app, and TripIt builds your itinerary using your confirmed plans.

You can send flight, car rental, and hotel reservations to the app. TripIt then organizes all your information and creates your itinerary. TripIt sends real-time alerts and will let you know if your flight is delayed. If your flight gets canceled, the app will find new flights going to your destination.

If you're looking for something fun to add to your itinerary, check out Los Angeles Segway tours and add the time to TripIt.


TweetDeck allows you to see all your Twitter accounts at once. You can manage multiple Twitter accounts at once. In addition, you can customize TweetDeck's dashboard to show your favorite features.

You can write and send tweets from TweetDeck. TweetDeck is an excellent timesaver for travelers on the go. You can update your professional and personal accounts without having to log in and out and switch between accounts constantly.

You can add different columns to keep track of your favorite Twitter features and instantly see popular hashtags, news stories, and messages.


Hipstamatic app

Hipstamatic is a fun, retro digital photo app. Instead of adding filters and re-touching photos after taking them, you choose your film and lens combo first. You can edit it after taking the shot if you don't love how the picture turns out.

In classic mode, you'll see an old point-and-shoot-style camera interface. Tap the arrow icon to flip the camera around and choose your lens. Next, select the type of film you want. Then, take the photo. Pro mode gives you even more options for adjusting the camera settings.

Hipstamatic allows you to use all your favorite old-school camera functions on your phone and take creative vacation photos.


AutoStitch allows users to stitch together several photos to create one beautiful 2D panoramic image.

You can take several photos of an iconic landmark such as the Hollywood Sign. Then, use AutoStitch to create a stunning panorama. The app automatically recognizes matching images and stitches them into a single, seamless image.


MyTSA will keep you up to date with your air travel plans. You can search which items are allowed through the checkpoint and which are prohibited.

You can see airport delays, as well as how busy the airport is expected to be on your travel date. In addition, you can request live TSA assistance through the app.


PackPoint app

If you hate the idea of packing for your trip or worry about leaving something important behind, PackPoint is your new best friend!

Enter your travel destination, dates, how long you'll stay, and any special activities that might require different clothes. PackPoint takes all this data, checks your destination weather, and creates your custom packing list.

PackPoint even allows you to share your list with your travel mates. This is one of the best Hollywood travel apps to make sure you pack everything you need and nothing you don't.

Enjoy Hollywood Travel

Apps can make your trip run smoother, and staying in a great hotel can make your trip exceptional. The Hollywood Hotel parking area offers gated, secure parking for your personal or rental car. We can't wait to welcome you to Hollywood!