Best e-Scooter Rentals in Hollywood CA

October 22, 2021
E-Scooter Rentals - Two women riding electric scooters

e-Scooters are a fun way to get around Hollywood. You can go at your own pace and save the hassle of parking and fighting traffic. e-Scooters let visitors enjoy the fresh California air and laid-back California vibe.

Enjoy LA and Hollywood CA Scooter Tours

There are various ways to enjoy e-scooter rentals in Hollywood, CA. You can rent a scooter and do a self-guided tour, or join a guided tour and have a professional show you the city. In addition, you can choose from quick introduction tours or immerse yourself in an all-day excursion.

Sunny Day Scoot

Griffith Park

A tour with Sunny Day Scoot is sure to bring a smile to your face. Guests can book an Adventure Ride, Sunrise Tour, or Discover LA Tour. Tours take place in their unique two-seater, road-safe minicars known as "scoots." The scoots look like adorable cartoon cars and are part of the adventure. Drivers can switch whenever they like.

The Adventure Ride provides a one-hour way to experience driving a fun scooter and seeing part of LA. You will go by scenic Griffith Park, Warner Bros Studios, and Disney Animation Studios.

Or, wake up early and enjoy the Sunrise Tour. You'll leave in the dark and enjoy LA's streets before the daily grind starts. Drive through Griffith Park, and check out the famous Hollywood Sign. The tour's highlight is watching the sunrise over the Hollywood Sign and getting an epic view of the Los Angeles skyline. Enjoy a continental breakfast and drive mountain roads past the Greek Theater and the Los Angeles Zoo.

The Discover LA Tour takes guests through the most popular LA highlights. Drive through Griffith Park, take pictures of the Hollywood Sign, and stop by the Gene Autry Museum. The tour also includes Travel Town Museum and drive-bys of different studio and filming locations.

Air Balling LA Scooter Tours

Air Balling offers premium scooters with extra-wide tires to provide a smooth and comfortable ride. You can take it slow and cruise in the bike path or power up and take the streets. The scooters have a top speed of 20 mph.

Air Balling offers rentals and helps guests curate their tours of LA. Enjoy the freedom and ease of a fun scooter rental while checking out LA's, Santa Monica's, and Hollywood's most vibrant spots. Air Balling will provide you with a unique Google Maps link to your customized tour, including food recommendations. Just download the tour to your phone, and enjoy the freedom of traveling by scooter.

Electric Scooter Hollywood Tour

Chinese Theatre

Join this fun tour and cruise Hollywood on an electric scooter. Electric scooters provide the freedom and adventure of bicycling, but with the power-assist of a motor. This tour takes you through all the vital Hollywood locations. Visit the Walk of Fame, iconic film locations, and Chinese Theater. A professional guide will give you interesting information about the area while helping you navigate the streets.

This tour is a good option for avoiding crowds and uses designated bike lanes for added safety.

Enjoy Your Hollywood Visit

Hollywood has many historic and famous attractions that are worth checking out. Hollywood is also home to a variety of shopping and entertainment options. Here's a list of the best malls in Hollywood where you can enjoy a day of world-class shopping. And, if you can't get enough of exploring the area, you should go on a studio tour in Los Angeles.