Secret Life of Pets Ride at Universal Studios

July 9, 2021
Secret Life of Pets Ride

The new Secret Life of Pets Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood is finally open, and it's worth the wait. If you're looking for a fun, heartwarming trip with a man's best friend, you'll adore this ride.

The Secret Life of Pets Ride -- An Overview

The ride is five minutes long, which doesn't sound long, but it packs a memorable, heart-warming punch.

The ride vehicles resemble cardboard boxes, the kind that might be hosting kittens looking for their forever homes. This ride is very tame, with no scary drops or wild turns. Instead, the focus is on the immersive pet life experience.

Instead of staring at various video screens, the ride takes guests through practical sets and puts animatronic animals in every scene.

The ride is interactive, and riders of all ages will have a blast viewing their pet doppelgangers. Video screens are set up throughout the ride, and riders make gestures and facial expressions copied by their pet doppelganger.

Bend forward, and your dog will copy you. Smile, and your doppelganger will smile back. Your doppelganger will remain the same throughout the ride; if you start as a poodle, you'll remain paired with the poodle throughout the ride.

Enter into the Secret Life of Pets‍

Dogs animatronics sitting in a sofa

Riders enter through a newly built area of five-story brownstones near the popular Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem ride.

Riders will enter through the lobby of an apartment building. A bulletin board in the lobby lets riders know that today is adoption day at the local pet store.

Riders can peek in at apartment mail slots to see what the pets are up to while their families are away. These animatronic pets bring different movie stars to life. Movie fans will be delighted to see Leonard the poodle dancing to disco music.

Riders move through the rest of the apartments, viewing kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms. Guests will see Buddy the dachshund using a kitchen blender as a massage tool. Norman, the guinea pig, randomly pops up through A/C vents.

The Secret Life of Pets Scenes‍

Scene from The Secret Life of Pets Ride

Captain Snowball, leader of the Flushed Pets gang, is our fearless leader with a plan. Unfortunately, everything he plans "goes horribly wrong," These twists and turns take the rider through the story.

The storyline continues as riders learn they've lost a puppy who needs to be adopted. Movie characters are on hand to help you find the missing puppy and save the day.

Fun scenes include pets hanging out of windows, wrapping themselves around fire hydrants, and hiding in hot dog carts. Watching the Downward Dog yoga studio is a hoot.

The Skyline Fireworks Factory combines video mapping, sects, and animatronics to create a delightful visual as Snowball decides to strap fireworks to pets to fly them to The Pets Store!

Next, riders arrive at the pet store and see their doppelgangers before meeting their adoptive families. The Cat-O-Matic pet washing station is hysterical.

The final call has riders see the adopted pets' new home and a final farewell from all the cats and dogs and includes a last sighting of the fun guinea pig.

The new Secret Life of Pets is magical not only for movie fans but for anyone who loves their pets.

Get Ready to Enjoy Universal Studios Hollywood‍

In addition to the new Secret Life of Pets Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal has non-stop rides and entertainment waiting for you.

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