Sip and Savor: Best Pho Near Hollywood, CA

February 9, 2024
Best Pho Near Hollywood, CA - Delicious Pho Bowl

It's no secret that the West Coast is one of the best spots in the country for pho! The Los Angeles area has a great collection of restaurants offering authentic, savory pho served with various proteins and vegetables. If your appetite is nudging you to grab some noodles, this rundown of the best pho near Hollywood, CA, will hit the spot!


Ox Tail at Phorage

Phorage is Hollywood's go-to spot for award-winning modern pho. With a menu featuring hormone-free meats and locally sourced ingredients, Phorage caters to people who prioritize healthy eating. The big hits here are the pho entrees made with beef, oxtail, free-range chicken, meatballs, or crispy tofu. The vermicelli is fantastic if you're ready to expand your noodle horizons. The spring rolls and fish sauce wings are perfect starters! You'll also find wines and craft beers on the drink menu.

Ktown Pho

Come get your fill of classic Vietnamese cuisine made with the freshest ingredients! The signature pho meals here include beef, oxtail, filet mignon, shrimp, chicken, or vegetables. Other tantalizing menu highlights include vermicelli rice noodles, broken rice, and stir-fry rice. The appetizer menu here outdoes itself with its spring, summer, fall, and winter rolls! While the food here is always incredible, Ktown Pho has a reputation for serving up the tastiest Vietnamese drinks in Hollywood. Sweeten your day with a Vietnamese sweetened milk coffee, salty plum limeade soda, or whole young coconut!

It's Pho Hollywood

Bowl of Beef Pho

The mouthwatering menu at It's Pho Hollywood combines an incredible fusion of Vietnamese and Thai cuisine. The truth is that the huge menu here can actually be a little overwhelming. The rice bowls that are served all day are always perfect when you want something light and simple. Of course, you're probably more interested in hearing about the restaurant's ultra-traditional pho made with broth, rice noodles, white onion, green onion, cilantro, basil, bean sprouts, jalapeno, and lime. The large pho menu here includes chicken, beef, shrimp, beef backbone, soy, and tofu. For dessert, try the fried banana with coconut ice cream that's topped with peanut, red bean, and chocolate syrup.

Nong Lá Vietnamese Cafe

Bowl of Special Pho

This quaint and cozy Hollywood pho restaurant is liked by locals for its ultra-clean, ultra-light broth that's paired with the freshest noodles imageable. Pho toppings include cage-free eggs, free-range chicken, and prime beef cuts. Be prepared to smell something amazing when you walk through the door. The crispy rolls made with pork, shrimp, carrots, shallots, and glass noodles taste like golden perfection! The soups at Nong Lá Vietnamese Cafe are uniquely aromatic. The rest of the menu includes noodles, salads, soups, and Vietnamese drinks.

The Sisters Vietnamese Asian Fusions

With a location near all of the city's best attractions, this restaurant makes getting the best pho near Hollywood so easy to do! The slow-braised pork belly is the standout here. Other menu highlights include garlic noodles, steamed dumplings, and the spicy soft-shelled crab. You can select from chicken, pork, shrimp, brisket, meatball, filet mignon, sole filet, and spicy crab when building your pho meal. If you're ready to try something new, don't skip the Vietnamese crepe! This place is also one of the best-kept secrets for curry in Hollywood!

Keep Your Plate Full of Fun in Hollywood, CA

After getting your pho fix, you might feel like you're ready to conquer the best sightseeing spots. Plan to spend a little time researching how to get to the Hollywood Sign while slurping your noodles to ensure your itinerary keeps going after lunch. Of course, you may also be ready for a little rest. That's why it's also important to ensure you're staying in a spot close to Hollywood's top attractions. Fortunately, many of the best hotel rooms in Los Angeles are close to amazing pho restaurants, fun attractions, and much more!