Discover Hollywood's Secrets at Warner Bros Studio Tour

April 12, 2024
Warner Bros Studio Tour Hollywood

Old Hollywood meets new media at world-famous Warner Bros Studios in Hollywood, California. First opened in 1918, Warner Bros is one of the oldest Hollywood studios. It has been a filming location for iconic pieces of popular culture ranging from the Harry Potter franchise to "Friends." One of the most amazing things about visiting Los Angeles is that this studio is open to tours for the public! Here's everything you need to know if you'd like to book a Warner Bros Studio Tour Hollywood.

What Is a Warner Bros Studio Tour?

Girls sitting in Friend's sofa at Warner Bros Studio

Yes, the public can visit the same sound stages and commonly seen city backdrops used in the biggest movies and television shows! You just need to make sure that you grab tickets to a tour ahead of time to live out your fantasy of walking through film sets! Here's what a typical Warner Bros Studio Tour Hollywood itinerary looks like:

  1. Start at the Storytelling Showcase at the welcome center to get a background on the 100-year history of Warner Bros.
  2. Hop on a tour cart with your tour guide.
  3. Explore back-lot sets.
  4. Enjoy the Stage 28 Script to Screen experience, which lets you roam through Central Perk from "Friends" and portions of the set of " The Big Bang Theory."
  5. Explore costume and post-production areas before dining at Central Perk Café. If you don't grab a bite during the tour, there are plenty of famous places to eat in Los Angeles waiting for you afterward!
  6. Head to the Action and Magic Made Here exhibit that showcases sets, costumes, and props from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the DC Universe, and more!
  7. Finish up with a glamorous visit to the Celebration of Awards Season exhibit to enjoy your red-carpet moment!

The best part about a tour is that anything can happen. With filming all around you, you never know when your tour might stumble into your favorite actors and actresses saying their lines on a live set. Of course, the "live" nature of the studio means that tours can be subject to change based on filming!

Preparing for Your Studio Tour

Inside Friends' studio

A Warner Bros Studio Tour Hollywood experience lasts around three hours in total. While roughly one hour of the experience is led by a tour guide, visitors have about two hours of self-guided exploration to enjoy! Visitors can also upgrade to a Studio Plus Tour or Deluxe Tour for longer, more intensive tour experiences.

Hollywood Magic Is Calling You

For people who love movies and television, there's nothing as magical as seeing where many of your favorite films and shows were made. No experience offers so much access to real filming locations with ongoing filming and production happening all around you! While studio tour guides put everything together for you during this great experience, there's still plenty of planning you'll need to do to make your time in Los Angeles amazing. That's why you don't want to wait to start checking out Hollywood Hotels located near the area's top movie studios.