Our Favorite Pet Travel and Safety Tips

November 26, 2021
Pet Travel & Safety Tips - Dog inside a car

Traveling with pets is fun but can add another level of logistics to the trip. Plan for your pet's comfort in advance, and the whole family can enjoy their journey together.

Top Tips for Traveling With Pets

While you are planning your trip, make sure your pet is microchipped. In addition, your pet should wear a collar and tag with your cell phone number.

We've put together a list of our favorite pet travel and safety tips.

1. Book a Direct Flight

Dog in an airplane

If your pet is small enough to ride under the seat, a direct flight will make the trip less stressful for everyone. You'll only have to board and disembark once.

If your pet has to travel in cargo, the direct flight will make things smoother and less stressful. You can freeze a bowl of water for your pet. It won't spill as the carrier is loaded but will melt when your pet is thirsty.

2. Get a Travel Crate

You'll need an appropriate travel crate. If your pet can fit under the seat in a carrier, make sure that the carrier is airline-approved. If your pet will fly in the cargo area, make sure you get a USDA-approved crate. Your pet should be able to stand, sit, and turn around in the crate.

If you are driving, a travel crate will help secure your pet in the car, keep them safe, and prevent them from getting under the brake pedal.

Travel crates also work to contain your pet in the hotel room.

3. Pack a Pet-Friendly Travel Kit

Don't forget your pet as you pack! Bring food, bowls for food and water, a leash, and waste bags. In addition, pack a first-aid kit and medical documents, such as your pet's vaccination records.

Your pet will also love a few things from home. Consider bringing their bed and favorite toys.

4. Get Ready for A Road Trip

Dog in a car ride

If your pet isn't used to traveling by car, get them ready for this new mode of transport. Take your pet on short drives around the neighborhood and give them lots of praise.

Some pets get carsick, so avoid over-feeding your pet, and don't feed them while the car is moving. Instead, give your pet light meals before the road trip begins.

5. Find Pet-Friendly Activities

You can use different apps and websites to find dog-friendly places as you travel. Bring Fido will help you find dog-friendly parks, walks, and restaurants.

All Trails offers a great way to find dog-friendly hikes. This is an excellent resource during your road trip and when you arrive at your destination.

6. Book a Pet Day Care Stay

Woman with many dogs

If you want to enjoy activities that aren't pet-friendly, consider booking a stay for your pet in a local daycare facility. There are professionally run daycare facilities as well as in the sitter's home options.

You can use Rover to find dog sitters in your area. This way, your dog can enjoy meeting new friends instead of feeling confused and lonely.

7. Meet the Locals

Dogs make great ambassadors and social directors. Many locals and other travelers will want to stop and chat about your adorable furry friend as you travel. This is a great way to meet locals and other travelers. In addition, pet-friendly locals will often advise you on other pet-friendly areas.

8. Don't Leave Your Pet Alone in A Parked Vehicle

Never leave your pet alone in a parked vehicle. The car's temperature can rise quickly on a hot day, even with the windows open. Even if the temperatures aren't sweltering, it can still get dangerous fast. The car can act as a refrigerator during cold weather, and your pet could freeze. Don't risk leaving your pet in a parked vehicle for any amount of time.

Enjoy Traveling With Your Pets

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