5 Quirky Things To Do In Hollywood With Teens

January 14, 2022
Things to do with teens in Hollywood - Teen girl having fun

If you've got teens looking for a good adventure in Hollywood, you've come to the right place. While it can seem like Hollywood focuses on young kids or boring adult things like luxury shopping, there are plenty of adventures for teens.

Fun Things to Do in Hollywood with Teens

There's a wide variety of adventures and activities to do with your teens. Mature teens will be fascinated by Hollywood's intriguing museums. Adventurous families will enjoy trying something new such as ax throwing or a puzzle room. You won't be bored or out of options in Hollywood!

Museum of Death


JD Healy and Cathee Shultz founded The Museum of Death to educate Americans about death. Museum exhibits include antique funeral items and pet taxidermy. Visitors can see the world's most extensive collection of serial killer artwork. In addition, visitors can see photos of the Charles Manson crime scenes. Exhibits include coffins and body bags in addition to execution devices and autopsy instruments.

The museum's focus on death and murder can be affecting and is only recommended for those who can handle the graphic and disturbing displays. The Museum of Death isn't suitable for children, but mature teens might be fascinated by this unique museum.

Maze Rooms

Maze Rooms offers puzzle rooms to test your minds and teamwork. Visitors will have to work together to solve clues and figure out the answers before the clock runs out.

Guests can choose from medium or complex puzzles. For example, Pharaoh's Tomb is rated as medium. In this adventure, visitors will find clues to find a lost Pharaoh's tomb. Guests must keep themselves alive as they race against the clock.

The World of Illusions room is rated as hard, and guests have 60 minutes to escape. Guests will have to befriend Great Wizards and find their way out of the web of magic.

Maze Rooms offers an excellent way for families to solve problems and have fun together.

Hollywood Heritage Museum

Hollywood Heritage Museum

The Hollywood Heritage Museum features a variety of Hollywood treasures. If you have movie buffs in your family, they'll love discovering the museum's exhibits.

The museum itself is located in a historic 1895 building. The building was initially used as a stable before becoming a production company's dressing room and an editing room in 1912. The production company was owned by Cecil B. DeMille and Jesse Lasky, who produced Hollywood's first feature film in 1914. The Lasky-DeMille Barn is now a California State Landmark and the Hollywood Heritage Museum's home.

Exhibits include historic photographs and postcards showing the golden age of Hollywood. In addition, guests can see photos from the film's silent era. Movie props and memorabilia are on display.

If you love Hollywood history and want to take your memorable photos, check out our favorite Hollywood photo spots.

World Of Illusions

Illusion of a crocodile

The World of Illusions offers four fun experiences. Check out the Museum of Illusions, Giant's House, Upside Down House, and SMASH IT!

In the Giant's House, you'll feel shrunk down as you are surrounded by giant donuts, truck wheels, and pizza slices. In the Museum of Illusions, you'll see over 30 3D illustrations that will make you feel part of a new adventure. Go on a safari or walk on a skyscraper's edge.

The Upsidedown House features seven upside-down rooms. Try sitting on the sofa or cooking lunch upside down. Smash and throw to your heart's content in the interactive SMASH IT! room.


At AxeVentures, a coach will show you the best ax-throwing techniques, and then you can compete against your family.

AxeVentures also offers drinks and bar bites to keep you energized. Urban ax throwing is the latest vogue activity and provides a unique experience. This is one of the most exciting things in Hollywood with teens.

Enjoy Family-friendly Hollywood

Hollywood offers plenty of excitement to suit every age and taste. Check out our Los Angeles hotel with parking and experience all Hollywood offers.