Dia de los Muertos in Hollywood Oct 29, 2022

October 14, 2022
Dia de los Muertos in Hollywood

While visiting the area, you'll have numerous opportunities to enjoy the experiences that make Hollywood unique. Why not take advantage of "spooky season" by celebrating Dia de los Muertos in Hollywood? Take a break from visiting the stars' homes or finding the best ways to get to the Hollywood Sign to partake in an ancient and beloved tradition.

Dia de los Muertos - Two woman with skeleton makeup

One of Mexico's most celebrated traditional holidays, Dia de los Muertos, offers a chance for families to honor their departed loved ones. It's believed that the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is lifted on this sacred occasion, allowing the dead to briefly reunite with their living family members.

Dia de los Muertos in Hollywood attempts to keep the spirit of this rich tradition alive with this annual celebration. In fact, the venue was created to observe the ancient holiday, which is believed to date back more than 3,000 years.

While many cultures observe some sort of All Hallow's Eve ritual, the Mexican interpretation offers a fresh perspective. Instead of portraying Death as a strange and frightening entity, the celebrants choose to embrace it as a normal and recognizable part of life—something to be celebrated rather than feared.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Hollywood Forever is the only cemetery in the United States that opens its gates and welcomes the community on this sacred day and night. Throughout the year, the venue focuses on the inevitable cycle of life and death, and Dia de los Muertos provides an opportunity to embrace that spirit in full force.

This year's celebration takes place on Saturday, October 29th, and is appropriate for all ages. The gates open at 9 AM, welcoming you to a culturally rich and instantly rewarding celebration.

Live performances, including traditional and folklorico dance, will be featured. In folklorico dance, the culture of the Mexican people is on full display, with the performers expressing the spirit of the people through their rhythmic movement. The children's plaza, with its marionette theater and face-painting pavilion, is sure to keep the little ones entertained.

Be sure to explore the exhibition of altars displayed throughout the park. This is part of the tradition that's honored by so many—offering gifts to the ones we've loved and lost, welcoming them back to the family fold. Prices are offered for the best event-themed altar, the best traditional offering, and the best contemporary altar.

Dia de los Muertos celebration

Though attendees must exit the daily celebration at 3 PM, a fun evening awaits once the sun goes down. Noche de los Muertos begins at 5 PM and lasts until midnight. Under the moonlight, the exhibitions and performances will take on a life of their own. If you're looking for an authentic Dia de los Muertos experience, you can find it here. Don't forget to sample a few Mexican delicacies from the culinary vendors before it's time to go home.
Hollywood Forever Cemetery is conveniently located on Santa Monica Boulevard, adjacent to Paramount Studios. Check out these other Hollywood tours and activities if you're in the area. We look forward to seeing you again soon!