Best Hikes Around Hollywood, CA

October 23, 2020
Los Angeles View from a hike trail

Whether you’re looking to explore Hollywood California beaches or do some celebrity spotting at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, there is something for everyone when you visit Los Angeles. With such a bustling metropolis, you may think that finding a place to sit back and enjoy nature would be hard to come by, but that’s not the case! There’s plenty for nature lovers to do in the area, especially if you like hiking. Some of the best hikes around Hollywood, CA, are at Griffith Park, located in LA’s heart. Here are the best places to hike in the park:

Bronson Cave‍

Bronson Cave image

Bronson cave is a 50-foot long, human-made tunnel that’s carved into the surface of a 100-foot rock wall located in an old quarry in Griffith Park. Lots of films have been shot in the area. This cave is most famous for acting as the Batcave entrance in the 1960s “Batman” TV series. This is your chance to get as close as humanly possible to visiting the Batcave yourself! The cave is located on a hiking loop that’s less than a mile long. Enjoy views of the Hollywood sign as you loop back around to the trailhead. To get there, start your hike on Canyon Drive and travel down the dirt road heading southeast. After a quarter of a mile, make a left into the quarry.

Ferndell Trail‍

It’s hard to believe that this lush, tropical rainforest is found in the same park with rugged desert mountain terrain! Ferndell is a quarter-mile long trail, shaded with a large canopy of Sycamore trees and engulfed with tropical greenery. The area stays green thanks to a stream and reclaimed water from the nearby Griffith Observatory. Its shade and secluded surroundings make it a perfect place to relax and enjoy a good book at one of the many benches located around the trail. There are also a few bridges that go over the stream. Since this hiking trail is a bit short, there are many ways to make the hiking trip last longer. Hike to the Griffith Observatory or near the bottom of the Western Canyon Trail for an extended hiking trip. You can also hike the Trails Cafe, a small eatery where you can grab a cup of coffee or a pastry while enjoying the beautiful atmosphere.

Brush Canyon Trail‍

Brush Canyon Trail View

Undoubtedly one of the best hikes around Hollywood, CA, hiking the Brush Canyon Trail gives you iconic views of Los Angeles and its famous Hollywood sign. It’s a six-mile hiking trail and is one of the main routes that connect you to Mount Lee, the mountain where the Hollywood sign is located. On your way up the trail, you’ll have unique vantage points of native plants and wildlife. There is also an overlook point 1.25 miles in that allows you to see sweeping views of downtown Los Angeles. For some, this vantage point is enough that they turn around without ever reaching the actual sign! Hiking further gets you right behind the iconic white letters, and you can see even more sprawling views of Los Angeles. To visit this trail, start on the north part of Canyon Drive. Brush Canyon Trail combines with Mulholland Fire Road, where you’ll make a left and head west to begin hiking towards the Hollywood sign.

Discover Los Angeles at The Hollywood Hotel‍

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