Experience The Chocolate And Art Show

February 1, 2019
choclates and nuts

Art galleries usually ban food and drink. I mean, can you imagine dribbling crumbs on the floor in front of the Mona Lisa? What would Leonardo say? Well, we know a few artists in LA who won't only permit it, they'll offer you a chocolate buffet!

LA's Chocolate and Art Show celebrates the talents of local artists, vendors, and musicians with the added flavor and flair of artisan chocolatiers. It's a delicious and potentially profitable way for emerging artists to be seen and appreciated in the homes of those who may buy their work.

And if that's not enough, your ticket will benefit Artists for Trauma, a not-for-profit designed to support recovery through artistic expression and human connection. There are live music and body painting, dancing, and did we mention chocolate fountains? Guests 21 and older are invited for the February 17th-18th weekend exhibition. It promises to draw a crowd!