Top-7 Segway Tours in Los Angeles

February 26, 2021
People touring in Segways - Fun Segway Tours in Los Angeles

Looking for the perfect way to social distance and still see the sights? The Segway may just have been created for this very moment! It's one of the best Los Angeles tours around, and there are many things to see. Here's a look at seven fabulous tours you can take on a zippy Segway.

Beverly Hills Segway Tour‍

Rodeo Drive

The number one most popular of the Segway tours in Los Angeles is the Beverly Hills tour. Cruise the 90210 on your two-wheeled chariot, zooming down picturesque tree-lined streets filled with beautiful homes and immaculately manicured lawns. You'll pass the shops of Rodeo Drive and all of the must-see hotels and buildings.

The tour lasts about two hours. You can set out any day of the week with any sized group; call the main office for more information.

Santa Monica & Venice Beach Segway Tour

Want to see the beaches of LA? This tour leaves from the Santa Monica Pier and runs to the Venice Beach Pier. Along the way, you'll pass the canals of Venice, the fabled Venice Beach Boardwalk, and Muscle Beach. There's plenty of quiet beachside vistas, too, with some of LA's most beautiful spots along this coast.

The two-hour tour leaves from the Casa Del Mar Hotel in Santa Monica. You'll learn a little bit about the area's history, and you'll have plenty of time for photo ops.

Wilshire Boulevard Segway Tour‍

Wilshire Boulevard traffic sign

Wilshire Boulevard is one of the highlights of the city. Over its 16 mile length, the road connects five of LA's central business districts. On this Segway tour, you'll cruise Wilshire in style for two hours. Along the way, you'll pass Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the La Brea Tar Pits, and lots more.

The Dream Homes Segway Tour‍

What to see how LA's rich and famous live? The Dream Homes Segway Tour is your passport to their lifestyle, if only for a few hours. In the heart of Beverly Hills, you'll see the humble abodes of celebrities and the city's glitterati.

The Dream Homes Tour spends a full three hours winding through the streets of Beverly Hills. You'll see Wilshire Boulevard and Rodeo Drive, along with many of the other local sights you won't want to miss.

Miracle Segway Tour‍

Miracle Mile is one of the centers of LA's art and business scene. You'll see many of the museums that make up "Museum Mile," along with the Saban Theatre, the La Brea Tar Pits, the Paterson Auto Museum, and the LA County Museum of Art.

Downtown Los Angeles Segway Tour

Los Angeles Convention Center

The Downtown LA Segway Tour is two-hours long with great views of the big-city skyline and an introduction to the city's history by your knowledgeable guide. You'll zip past sites you know from TV, like the Grammy Museum, LA City Hall, LA Live, the Convention Center, and Olvera Street.

La Brea Tar Pits Segway Tour‍

One of the most unique and exciting spots in LA, the tar pits, are only three spots on earth where mega-mammals were entrapped and preserved. The animals died between ten and forty thousand years ago. Excavations at the site are ongoing, and discoveries are continuously being made. You'll see Dire Wolves, Mammoths, Mastodons, Saber-Tooth Cats, and Giant Ground Sloths.

This two-hour tour also includes other sites along Wilshire Boulevard, including the Flynt Building, the Saban Theatre, and the Urban Lights Exhibit.

Hop on the Best Segway Tours in Los Angeles

Ready to zip off on the tour of a lifetime? Check out all of LA's must-see attractions in one go from your trusty motorized steed. Are you ready to stay awhile? Check out these discount hotel rates in Hollywood and start planning your perfect LA getaway.