Your Invited To Mix In At The Perfumery

March 4, 2019

Every Wednesday this March, you're invited to take a seat at the chemists' table at the Institute for Art and Olfaction. Here you can drop and stir a concoction of natural and synthetic aroma-molecules and perfumer’s alcohol to create your very own wearable scent. You'll have everything you’ll need, including beakers and scent-strips in order to see your perfume experiment through to completion.

Each open session is blocked for three hours, but session organizers warn your nose might be overwhelmed after two. They're just not used to smelling so much! But open bottles and sniff and mix and try again at your leisure. Without the formality of a standard class, this open-plan lab encourages walking around and engaging with your fellow chemists, with the option to consult the staffed professional in the room.

You must reserve your spot in advance. Ticket prices include all your labware, with additional supplies available on-site.