A Fun And Sophisticated Movie-Going Experience With A View

August 6, 2018
Fun Movie Experience - People watching movie on a rooftop

If you’ve ever attended an outdoor film screening, you know that, while the idea sounds very enchanting, the reality is often, well, less than magical. You forgot your blanket, the grass itches, and you can’t hear the movie over the yammering of the guy who seems to be talking directly into your ear, even though he’s three lawn seats over. With the Rooftop Cinema Club, all these worries melt away as you join a few dozen like-minded film enthusiasts to enjoy the best of classic and contemporary film. For four summers now, Rooftop has screened film favorites atop stylish city roofs for a comfortable and engaging movie-going experience with a panoramic view of the gorgeous Los Angeles cityscape. Rooftop provides everything you need to enjoy yourself, including chairs, blankets, snacks, beverages, and your own personal set of wireless headphones so you’ll never miss a single line of dialogue. Catch a great film today with the Rooftop Cinema Club, screening films now through August 31 at two locations, NeueHouse Hollywood and LEVEL.

Addresses:      6121 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles 90028

                     888 S Olive St, Los Angeles 90014