Aquatic Stars At The Aquarium Of The Pacific

September 3, 2018
Woman at the aquarium - AQUARIUM OF THE PACIFIC

At the Hollywood Hotel, we’re big fans of the denizens of the big screen, and we’re always ready to don our finest for a red carpet gala or a swanky celebrity haunt. But there’s more to our part of the world than just the movie industry. In fact, some of the greatest stars of southern California make their homes beneath the waves. At the Aquarium of the Pacific, located about 45 minutes by car from our hotel, you can experience the jaw-dropping ecological variety of the Pacific Ocean with exhibits featuring more than 11,000 animals. You’ll marvel at the majestic Amber Forest, where giant kelp rise up tall as trees. You’ll smile as colorful plumed lorikeets accept food right out of your hand. And you’ll gasp (but only a bit) at the more than 150 sharks and rays swimming through the foreboding Shark Lagoon. Best of all, your admission ticket helps fund the extensive conservation and rehabilitation initiatives fundamental to the museum’s mission, meaning your day of aquatic fun benefits not only you, but future generations as well.