A Few Free Things To Do In Los Angeles

May 22, 2020
Griffith Observatory - Free Things to do in LA

Thanks to the high cost of living, everything from the restaurants to attractions in Los Angeles charge prices that might be outside of your budget, but that doesn't mean you can't visit because there are plenty of free things to do in LA. You may even find that you can save enough money that you have no problem heading over to Universal Studios for a studio tour or taking a day trip down to Disneyland®. Once you know where you want to stay and book a room, you can check out the best free things to do in LA.

Griffith Park

Griffith Park is one of the best attractions in Los Angeles but is also one that doesn't charge visitors. You can let your inner James Dean come out to play when you visit the observatory, which is home to a museum that doesn't charge an entrance fee. Once you finish at the museum and peek through the massive telescope, you can head over to the Old Zoo to see where the park once held caged animals. Griffith Park also offers tons of places for picnics as well as some fun hiking trails.

Visit the Beach

View of the beach in Malibu

Los Angeles County is home to more beaches than almost any other county in California and features more than 70 miles of sandy shores. You may want to look for those that don't charge for parking to save even more money on your trip. Santa Monica is one of the more popular beaches because of its pier and also gets a little crowded on the weekends. The beaches in Malibu and those north of LA have fewer crowds and offer free activities for visitors. You can pay extra to take a surfing or scuba diving lesson and to rent the equipment that you need.

Go Live

Have you ever watched a TV show at home and wished that you could be part of the audience? Many of the shows that tape in LA need guests. You can look up your favorite shows before your trip and see what you need to do to watch a live taping. Most ask that you fill out a short form and list the dates that you'll be in town. Producers then randomly select names and notify guests. You may have the chance to get tickets when you arrive, too, as many shows have seats leftover that they hand out in the morning.

Walk of Fame

Walk of Fame - Hollywood Boulevard

Fans of the entertainment industry looking for free things to do in LA may want to hit the Walk of Fame too. Celebrities working in theater, film, television, and radio have their names added to the stars that follow this walk. It's not far away from the theater where you can see the footprints and handprints left behind by famous people as well as the Hollywood Sign too. When planning your trip to the Los Angeles area, be sure to add these free things to do in LA to your list so you can save money and have a fantastic time.