Top 6 Spots for the Best Coffee in Hollywood

March 12, 2021
Top Coffee Spots in Hollywood

Everyone needs a cup of the good stuff now and again. We all have a vice, be it the incredible, mud-colored, aromatic feast that is Jitter Juice or maybe that more subtle Cuppa from across the Pond. Whatever your caffeine addiction requires, you'll find it in Hollywood. Here's a look at where to go to get your fix. Then be sure to find one of the best hikes around Hollywood, CA, to help you burn off all that extra energy!

6 Places to Get the Best Coffee in Hollywood

Tiago Coffee Bar & Kitchen

Outside Tiago Coffee Bar & Kitchen

Great coffee? Check. Great hot breakfast? Check. What more do you need to get the day started? Tiago Coffee Bar and Kitchen serves up all your classic cafe favorites, from hot or cold brew to honey cinnamon lattes and horchata. All of their coffee is roasted in-house, and the beans come from sustainable farms. The tea is pretty darn good, too.

But they've also got incredible sandwiches, bowls, and salads. Give the Breakie Burrito a try; it's a SoCal staple with fresh avocado, pinto beans, chili de Arbol, bacon, and eggs. Ingredients are fresh, flavorful, and all locally sourced. The OJ is fresh-squeezed. It's delicious, and you'll want to pick up a bag of fresh ground beans to take with you.

Tiago is rated number one coffee and tea spot in Los Angeles on Tripadvisor, with good reason. The food and coffee are exceptional, and local artists and musicians run the business well. It's a fun hangout that you'll want to keep returning to time and time again.

Hollywood Rock Cafe

Hollywood Rock Cafe, not to be confused with the Hard Rock Cafe - Hollywood, serves frozen yogurt, smoothies, and coffees from their espresso bar. It's less of a breakfast spot and more of an afternoon tea-time hangout. You can grab a quick sandwich or hotdog, and they've got cakes, cupcakes, and other treats, too. It's located right on the Walk of Fame. If you're out touring and you start dragging a bit, pop in for a caffeine or sugar hit to put the pep back in your step.

Javista Organic Coffee Bar

Coffee at Javista Coffee

Javista Coffee is a simple place with a simple menu, but it's all done well, and the offerings are outstanding. Drip coffee, espresso, and teas are the main stars of the show. They've also got simple and quick breakfasts and lunches, like bagels, toast, sandwiches, and salads. If you're looking for an extra special pick-me-up, try the Chagaccino made with Chaga mushroom.

Javista specializes in healthy and delicious elixirs. Try the turmeric wellness shot or the hemp extract cocktail for a unique flavor experience. Or stick with something from the comfort-food category, like a chocolate croissant and a cold brew.

Coffee For Sasquatch

As they say, you've got to feed your inner Sasquatch. This hip and happening shop has espressos, teas, and an impressive selection of specialty drinks. Give the honey cardamom latte or the cryptid latte a go. Keep an eye out for their seasonal specialties, too.

Bolt EaHo

Coffee, baked goods, and comfort food--what could go wrong? Very little, it turns out. Avocado toasts, classic hot breakfasts, and simple lunch sandwiches make up their food menu. It's not flashy; it's just delicious and satisfying.

Bolt's concept is based on bringing the simple New York-style breakfast restaurant to East Hollywood (EaHo). It's a hangout for before work or a quick cup of coffee when you have to get out of the office. For visitors, it's the spot to stop and chat about what's next on the itinerary while you refuel for the next adventure.

Philz Coffee

Iced Coffee at Philz Coffee

Philz is a chain you'll find around Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego, plus some branches if you happen to be in Chicago or DC. Their coffee is one of the most carefully crafted cups you'll find anywhere. Pick your roast, from dark and bold down to light and bright. Then pick your blend. Will it be Tantalizing Turkish or Aromatic Arabic today?

Philz is for pick-me-ups only--you aren't going to find any snacks on the menu. But the drinks are nothing short of amazing. Try the Iced Coffee Rose, topped with subtle rose cream.

The Best Coffee in Hollywood‍

The sun is up, and the day is calling. So grab your bean juice and hit the road! Now, what are you going to do with all of your built-up energy? Check out these great Los Angeles tours and activities for a fun day out!