How To Dress For Hollywood California Winter

December 11, 2020
Winter clothes laid out with a pouch, jeans and a pair of boots - Dressing for Winter Hollywood, CA

Tourists considering visiting LA in the winter are in for a treat. Mild temperatures allow northerners to escape from snow, wind, and ice and enjoy sunny days that LA is known for year-round. If it’s your first time visiting, you may be wondering how to dress for Hollywood California winter. To avoid overpacking (and paying hefty luggage fees), packing for LA’s winter weather is essential!

Visiting LA in the winter‍

Women outside Union Station dressed with jackets, sunglasses and hats.

The average high temperature for LA between December and February is 68 degrees Fahrenheit, with lows in the high 40s and low 50s overnight. California’s wet season runs from November to April, so visiting in the winter means you may see a passing shower during your visit. The Santa Ana winds make the atmosphere dry and dusty, which allows for low humidity and mild temperatures. If you’re looking to visit the beach, the average ocean temperatures near LA are between 58 and 64 degrees. Summer is typically the tourist season’s height, so staying in winter means you have more opportunities to save on Hollywood tours and activities and airfare.

Planning your trip‍

Figuring out how to dress for Hollywood California winter is all about what you plan to do during your trip. That’s why it’s essential to research the various Hollywood tours and activities that are available. You’d need to pack an entirely different wardrobe if you plan to spend most of your time at the beach, biking around LA, or shopping at LA’s luxurious stores. You’ll also want to have a rough idea of when you want to do these activities, which may impact what you wear that day.

Packing tips for LA winters‍

Man with sunglasses and a shirt next to the Hollywood Sign.

Now that you know what LA is like in the winter and have planned the activities you want to do, it’s time to pack! The key to packing for an LA winter trip is to bring lots of layers. Having an assortment of jeans, tops, and sweaters will give you day to day flexibility to remove layers as needed from the morning into the afternoon. Bring a small backpack along with you that is easy to carry since many of LA’s attractions require a fair amount of walking. Keep a few types of jackets in your car, including rain gear, so you’re never stuck when an unexpected rain shower passes. It’s also a good idea to pack a small umbrella to take with you during your activities for the same reason. Regardless of whether your LA adventure takes you to the beach, you’ll want to pack sunglasses and sunscreen, as there is plenty of sunshine in the winter months! If you plan to go to the beach, keep in mind that water temperatures are chilly and coastal breezes may give sunbathing a winter chill as well. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t sit on the beach with a good book and take in the natural beauty around you! When you visit the area around LA, there are many places to pull off your car into a scenic overlook to view local wildlife or strolling along the beach. Keep a few pairs of shoes in your car, like sneakers and sandals, so you are prepared for unplanned stops to hike, walk by the beach, or go whale watching.

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