Grabbing A Snack At Universal Studios Hollywood

September 16, 2020
Fresh Soft Pretzels - Where to Grab a Quick Snack at Universal Studios

In addition to the various rides, attractions, and entertainment options available at Universal Studios Hollywood, CA, dining at the park is an experience all its own! The park has many foods, snacks, and drink options available throughout its upper and lower lots. It’s a foodie’s dream come true. Some of the most notable menu items around the park are the over-the-top snacks and available treats. If snacks are your favorite meals of the day, you’ll love eating at Universal Studios Hollywood! So, are you wondering where to grab a quick snack at Universal Studios Hollywood? Here’s where to get the best snacks, broken down by each area of the park.

Springfield, U.S.A.‍

Springfield, U.S.A., is the area adjacent to The Simpsons™ Ride. Here, you can explore Krustyland, the Duff beer brewery, and other famous places from the animated TV series. The area is also home to a wide variety of snack options as well.

Giant Pink Donut - The Big Pink at Lard Lad Donuts

Enjoy southern fried chicken at Cletus’ Chicken Shack. Cletus serves up chicken and waffle sandwiches and homestyle fried chicken platters. Suds McDuff’s Hot Dog House is where you can find hot dogs, Marge’s famous Twisted Pretzel, and Ralph Wiggum’s Choo Choo Churro. Then, visit the Bubblebee Man’s Taco Truck for the Mucho Macho Nachos and tacos served with tortilla chips. No one knows tacos better than the Bubblebee Man!

For a sweet snack, dive into “The Big Pink” at Lard Lad Donuts. This popular eatery is known for its huge, pink-frosted donuts topped with brightly colored sprinkles.

Wizarding World Of Harry Potter™

Honeydukes Store Sign

Find lots of your favorite snacks and treats that Harry Potter™ and his friends enjoy at the various shops around Hogsmeade™. Stores like Honeydukes™ sell Chocolate Frogs™, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Jelly Beans, and more!

With a wave of a magic wand, watch as the classic wizarding beverage, Butterbeer™, is magically transformed from a drink into a snack when you enjoy a serving of Butterbeer™ ice cream. The soft-serve treat is available at some of the snack carts around Hogsmeade™ as well as the Three Broomsticks™ and Hogs Head™ pub. The Magic Neep™ cart also offers a variety of snacks and drinks, including bottled Butterbeer™.

Super Silly Funland‍

Enjoy some delectable treats at Despicable Delights, located near the Minion Mayhem ride. Sample banana and grape flavored cotton candy and other Minion-inspired snacks. You can also try the Freeze Ray Smoothie served with a super silly straw the kids will love.

Universal Plaza‍

Jumbo Turkey Leg

A wide variety of snacks are available at the park’s central hub in the Upper Lot. The Tower Snack Bar is located underneath the Universal Studio tower and offers Jumbo Turkey Legs, churros, soft pretzels, and more. The Studio Cafe provides popcorn and other prepackaged snacks. Head on over to Studio Scoop for crazy ice cream creations, milkshakes, and sundaes that look so good you’ll have to share them on social media right away. Then, enjoy the food-equivalent of a mummy—a corn dog—at Mummy Eats.

Snack lovers can rejoice when they know where to grab a quick snack at Universal Studios Hollywood. With so many snack options available, you’ll end up snacking your way through the day!

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